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From going through listings to closing a sale, Laura helps you in every step of the real estate transaction. Get in touch with her today.
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Buy and Sell Homes in the Denver Area

Laura knows Denver residential real estate like the back of her hand.

Laura is the realtor of choice for countless aspiring homeowners and property sellers. An experienced outfitter and guide, she uses her in-depth and extensive knowledge of the residential real estate market in Colorado to map out the best route to your property goals.

She knows how the market works.

Laura navigates the complicated and heavily regulated Colorado real estate process deftly. She’ll smooth out transactions, side-step red flags, and highlight little-known ways to make the process easier. Laura Hooker Daniels will always opt for the sure-fire way to meet your goals.

She’s part of Liv Sotheby's

Two words describe Liv Sotheby's: savvy and dedicated. A pool of skilled real estate professionals who are well-trained and experienced in the industry, the group is determined to help you close your deal.

She follows a collaborative approach.

Laura will help you identify your real estate wants, needs, and goals. She’ll listen to your concerns and consult you on every important aspect of the transaction. She’s not just your realtor; she’s your partner, too.

Discuss your real estate goals with Laura.

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Laura Hooker Daniels

About Laura Hooker Daniels

Laura helps aspiring homeowners and home sellers get the best deal for Colorado homes. As a dedicated, five-star real estate agent, she scours property listings for the houses that match the clients’ visions, as well as does intense marketing for houses up for sale. She guides clients through every step of the residential real estate transaction and negotiates favorable rates.

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Home Buying

To find you the perfect home, Laura will:

  • Help you identify what you need and want in a house
  • Determine optimal financing solutions
  • Search for the property that fits the bill
  • Negotiate a fair deal
  • Exercise due diligence

Start your personalized home buying experience with Laura today.

Home Selling

To sell your home profitably, Laura will:

  • Determine the right price for your property
  • Present the house in the best light
  • Formulate an effective marketing plan
  • Negotiate a favorable agreement
  • Prepare the residential real estate contract

Partner with Laura to sell your home at top dollar.

Design & Staging

To help you prepare your home for showings, Laura will:

  • Inform you on the latest in home staging
  • Make sure the house is well-decorated
  • Help make the rooms look more spacious
  • Add special touches to the rooms
  • Leave a great first impression

Show your home at its best with Laura.

Home Wealth Management

To help you make smarter decisions around your home’s property value, Laura Hooker will:

  • Analyze and adjust your home’s value
  • Evaluate the best home improvement projects for your home
  • Assess which parts of the home need remodeling
  • Identify the ideal period to buy or sell your home
  • Provide advice on maximizing property value

Make the most out of real estate transactions with Laura on your side.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Denver residential real estate market can be a confusing maze to those without a background on the matter. Fortunately, Laura takes pleasure in speaking with clients about their questions. In the meantime, here are a few items to get you started.

Home Buying

Home Selling

Witness her expertise in action

Watch Laura at work finding new owners for various properties in Colorado, searching for the perfect homes for clients, and keeping herself abreast of the latest developments in Colorado real estate.
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Purchase wisely. Sell Profitably.

When working with Laura, it’s all about smart decisions. Real estate transactions can be tricky and complex, but Laura can handle them with skill. From pricing to the final contract preparations, she’ll help you make the right choice.
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